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A Halloween-y post
October 20, 2009, 8:12 p10
Filed under: Animation, Traditional Art

Ok, so it’s just a couple of days before Halloween, and I guess it would be logical if the first official post will be related to Halloween. The following drawings show what the skeletons of some famous cartoon characters look like. They’re not that creepy; actually they’re kind of cute. The sketches are very interesting and imaginative, given each character’s radically different body shapes and forms.


They are made by Michael Paulus, an artist who works in various media. He has “been curious about the human and scientific intervention and interpretation of culture and the natural world – the control of it and validity of science as a truth in place of religion as faith.” This may explain why he chose a highly technical way of interpreting a very whimsical subject.

A lot more here. Via Ironic Sans