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About the site:

Hi! Welcome to Design Quips. As you’ve read on the first ever post, this blog seeks to discuss all the places and things where design can be found. I hope to cover all types of media, from print to digital media, as well as the more unexpected ones, like edible media (ie, food). I would also like to attract all kinds of readers who are interested in art and design, as this blog can serve as a venue to discuss topics dealing with the subject. So I hope you all enjoy reading whatever I serve up here. XD

About me:

I am currently a junior in college, majoring in computer science. I live in a congested city in the Philippines, but I don’t mind since the heavy urban culture makes for a rich fodder for design inspiration and ideas. I am a frustrated traditional artist and a wannabe graphic designer, but I am working on sharpening my skills in both. Although the degree I’m working towards promises a career in the corporate world, I would very much like to study again in an art school after college, and then work in the animation or fashion industry. That is not to say I like computer science less than art as I would love to find a common ground in both the scientific and artistic fields.

“Art is my fuel for living. Science keeps me thinking rationally, for when art ceases to.” – me, 2009.

PS: I welcome tips and submissions for blog posts. I also welcome guest bloggers (especially for days when I’m busy). And I also welcome comments and suggestions, both positive and negative, but please make them constructive. Don’t be hostile as I’m just a beginner in this business. Tell me your thought and intentions below in the comments section or e-mail them to me at


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