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The Paperdoll Has Gone Digital
October 24, 2009, 8:12 p10
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Hi guys! Today’s post is for all the fashionistas and budding stylists out there. I’m sure you all may have heard of Stardoll, where you can dress up your favorite male and female celebrities celebrities. It’s actually a pretty addicting site since there’s a nice variety of outfits and models, including the famous and not-so-famous. Stardoll also doubles as a social networking website, since you can make friends with other users, as wells as buy/sell items to/from them. You can also create a personalized avatar, not unlike a Gravatar – the only difference is that you can dress yourself up with different items which aren’t just limited to clothes, but to household items – for your virtual house – as well.

stardoll homepage

Then there’s also a newer Stardoll-like site, which was launched just this year. It’s called Looklet although it’s in a radically different league from Stardoll. The site lets you dress up fashion models (no celebrities here!) with real branded clothes. The best thing is that there’re no vector graphics involved here, just good ol’ fashion photography that you can manipulate and play around with. The final result of each look reads like a fashion editorial from any magazine, you can even pick the backgrounds and add some props. Looklet also enables you to befriend other fashionistas, although you have to follow (as in what you do on Twitter) each other to become friends. The site is still in Beta version, so you may encounter some bugs while using it.

looklet homepage

Both websites cater to fashion iconoclasts who can’t afford pricey clothes and to stylists who want to experience what it’s like to style a fashion spread. Looklet, however, may appeal to the younger set (tweens and teens), since the clothing designs aren’t as high fashion or ‘matured’ as those on Looklet. Nonetheless, if you’re in the mood for a little stylin’ action both sites will be sure to satisfy your appetite.


A Halloween-y post
October 20, 2009, 8:12 p10
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Ok, so it’s just a couple of days before Halloween, and I guess it would be logical if the first official post will be related to Halloween. The following drawings show what the skeletons of some famous cartoon characters look like. They’re not that creepy; actually they’re kind of cute. The sketches are very interesting and imaginative, given each character’s radically different body shapes and forms.


They are made by Michael Paulus, an artist who works in various media. He has “been curious about the human and scientific intervention and interpretation of culture and the natural world – the control of it and validity of science as a truth in place of religion as faith.” This may explain why he chose a highly technical way of interpreting a very whimsical subject.

A lot more here. Via Ironic Sans

Welcome to Design Quips!
October 19, 2009, 8:12 p10
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Hi guys! Welcome to Design Quips (great, I just repeated the title)! As you can fathom from the tagline, this blog will tackle all sorts of places and things where you can find design. After all, design is practically everywhere right now – in buildings, books, gadgets and even food.

I’m not a professional designer in any way, but I am passionate about art and all the things about it. I am very interested in visual art, architecture, comics, fashion and industrial design among other things, so you can expect the posts to cover a whole range of different topics.

This is it for now. The first post will hopefully be tomorrow. ‘Til next! 🙂